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The Practice

We provide legal services in all core areas of business law to assist clients in the development of their venture.

As a full service business law firm, we cover all aspects related to the conduct of a business activity in Albania, starting from company formation to financing the business, tax planning, employment issues, obtaining licenses and permits, acquiring assets and property or entering into complex transactions.

We have first class expertise in core areas of law, and are able to offer unrivalled expertise in the relevant fields, with in depth knowledge of the business sector. We have an excellent and proven track- record in assisting and handling complicated and sensitive tasks.

The Areas

We support our clients with a full range of legal services, among others, in the following areas:

    • Banking law
    • Corporate law
    • Contract law
    • Competition and Antitrust
    • Administrative law
    • Intellectual property
    • Media law and telecommunications
    • Tax law
    • Insolvency law
    • Property law and zoning
    • Energy law
    • Environment law
    • Natural resources
    • Immigration law
    • Litigation/ADR
    • Employment and compensation

The Services

We group our legal services as follows:

    • Advisory
    • Transactions
    • Drafting
    • Reviews
    • Procedures
    • Disputes

We advise clients on doing business in Albania, including matters such as foreign investments, market conduct, taxes, employment and industrial relations, IP etc.

We have a substantial experience in dealing with sophisticated transactions, such as M&A, spin-offs and carve-outs, asset acquisitions, different types of financing, concessions, public procurement etc. We assist client in the performance of M&A due diligence reviews, financing due diligence etc.

We have a hands-on experience in conducting sensitive procedures in front of Albanian authorities. We have an outstanding track record in assisting clients in the resolution of their disputes.

The Sectors

We group specific experience and knowledge across all of our practice areas, in order to optimize and further develop sector specific knowledge. In the course of the years, we have developed extensive experience in the following sector groups:

    • Banking & Financial Services
    • Insurance
    • Consumer Goods
    • Retail & Distribution
    • Energy and Utilities
    • Hospitality & Leisure
    • Technology, Media and Telecom
    • Real Estate & Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Media, Sports & Entertainment
    • Oil & Mining
    • Infrastructure & Transport

The Fee Structure

We are conscious of client cost concerns and the competitive pressures operating in today’s legal environment, and that it is extremely important for legal services to be delivered cost-effectively and to add genuine value.

As such, an appropriately structured fee arrangement can enhance both the effectiveness of our services and our value added.

We are prepared to be flexible as to the structure of our fees, and to explore other alternative arrangements with the aim of accommodating clients’ needs and fairly compensating us for our contribution to the development of their business.

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